10 reasons you know footy is back

You know footy is back when:

1. Monday bragging rights

The walk into work on a Monday morning is by far the hardest of the week, but when your team gets up on the weekend, it gives you that little bit of spring in your step. You’ve earned bragging rights for the morning, and if you happened to have knocked off a co-workers team, look out!

2. Sorry I can’t, I’ll be at the footy

Throw your weekend chore list out the window, because you have plans. Shopping, washing, cleaning the house? Not today, there’s a game of footy on.

3. Superstitions

The lucky jocks, left boot before right boot, grabbing a fist full of grass when you run out, standing in the same spot every home game. Everyone is different, but for some it’s essential to the team winning.

4. A pie with sauce thanks

When the half time siren rings, there’s one thing on everyone’s minds; get to the canteen. Whether you’re a pie and sauce person, a hot dog enthusiast, or taking the healthy approach with a salad roll, the lovely canteen staff have you covered.

5. Pre-game nerves

It’s that sick feeling in your stomach from the moment you wake up. As the game gets closer the butterflies get bigger, and until the ball is bounced for the first time, they don’t go away.

6. Awkward chit chat no more

Gone are the days of forced conversation, talking about the weather, what you’re having for dinner, what was on T.V last night. It’s now about who played well on the weekend, who kicked a bag, and did you see that screamer?

7. The smell of freshly cut grass

Need I say more?

8. The Thursday night feed at selection

Training is done, it’s time to head into the clubroom, hoe into the curried sausages with mash potato and wait for the team to be read out; one of the great traditions of any footy club.

9. Ice baths

It’s not pleasant, it hurts, and it’s bloody cold. You’re well aware you’ve just played a game when you dip your toe into the freezing water, but you wouldn’t change a thing.

10. The final siren

One of the most powerful things in football because of variety of emotion it can cause. Joy, heartbreak, satisfaction, frustration, you will go through a few of these when the siren rings out, but that’s why you love it.

By Andrew Wiles

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