10 Reasons why AFL is awesome!

By Ellie Grounds

1.       If you love to laugh (and who doesn’t?) then you will love AFL! It’s a friendly atmosphere where you’ll make friends for life.

2.       You’re allowed to get down and dirty on the footy field. 

3.       It’s an awesome way to get fit. You’ll be having so much fun kicking a ball with your friends you won’t even notice you’re doing exercise!

4.       You get to release your inner pop star and sing catchy team songs

5.       Tired of being told to stop chatting in class? Well, you can yell as much as you want on a footy field!

6.       You get to wear cute jerseys made up of every colour on the rainbow. Plus, a new girl-friendly AFL merchandise line has been released so you can always look your best when you go support your favourite club!    

7.       And we couldn’t forget about accessorising. AFL girls are crazy for ribbons and braids.

8.       You’re always welcome. Getting involved in AFL is as easy as turning up to your local community club and having a go!

9.       It’s an experience you can share with your dad or brother. Go to a game with your family or kick a footy around the backyard with your bro. You never know, you and your brother might end up like Brisbane Lion Jono Freeman and his sister Bella, who has represented Queensland in AFL! 


10. And if all this isn’t enough… boys that play AFL are totally cute as well

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