10 Fun AFL facts for girls!

By Ellie Grounds

1.       It’s one of the fastest growing female sports in Australia! Over 194,000 girls love running out on footy fields all over the country.   

2.    One Direction’s Niall Horan is a massive Hawthorne Hawks fan and even made the boys perform in Hawks jerseys at their Melbourne concert last year  SmileySmileySmiley


3.       People get so into the AFL Grand Final that there have been serious discussions about creating a public holiday for it in Victoria. Long weekend to watch football? Yes, please!!  

4.       The only day you can travel to the Northern Territory’s beautiful Tiwi Islands without a permit is for their AFL Grand Final day.They have the highest AFL playing rate in the whole country.

5.       In 2014 Peta Searle became the first woman ever to become a full-time AFL coach when she was appointed as one of St Kilda’s development coaches. Girl power!!!! Smiley

6.       Ginger ninja Ed Sheeran performed at the 2014 AFL Grand Final!

7.       Thor himself was also at the 2014 AFL Grand Final. That’s right, Aussie heartthrob Chris Hemsworth was in the stands cheering on Hawthorn to victory Smiley

8.       AFL dog jerseys are totally a THING! Now your pooch can support your favourite team tooSmiley

9.       Ladder is a fantastic charity helping tackle youth homelessness in Australia. It was started in 2007 by a bunch of AFL players and is the official charity of the AFL Toyota Finals Series.

10.       AFL is the only game in the world where you get a point for missing. If you kick a goal through the middle goal posts, your team gets 6 points, but if your kick goes through the shorter, outside posts (called a ‘behind’), you still get 1 point. Score!!!!!!!!

BONUS. AFL is truly Australia’s game being the only major sport Indigenous to Australia. Go us!!!! Smiley

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