Youth Girls Academy Squad named

AFL Queensland today announced the Queensland Youth Girls Academy Squad for 2016.

The squad was chosen based on performances at the AFL Queensland  Under 14 Youth Girls Championships, the Female Kickstart Championships and the recent State Under 17 Youth Girls Championships.

AFL Queensland Female Football High Performance Coach Craig Starcevich said the aim of the Academy is to produce both high level club players and very competitive state representative teams.

“Both objectives are geared towards Queensland being well placed for the planned introduction of a national women’s league in 2017,” said Starcevich.

“We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the depth of Queensland talent at Youth Girls level and we unearthed some gems at our first  Under 14’s carnival in September and the recent Under 17’s State Championships.”

The Academy consists of Level 1; for players who will be 16 or younger in 2016, and Level 2; for those turning 17 or 18.

The 2016 focus for Level 1 players will be preparing for the School Sport Australia National 15/16 Championships, while level 2 will work towards the National Youth Girls Championships to be held in Melbourne in May.

The squad has also been structured to suit the location of the players and how regularly Academy staff will have contact with them.

At a glance:

Level 1 players:  24

Level 2 players:  56

South East Qld based: 58

North Queensland & Northern NSW based: 22

Brisbane North: 11

Brisbane South: 11

Gold Coast: 13

Sunshine Coast: 11

Darling Downs: 12

North Queensland: 5

Northern Rivers: 4

Capricornia: 3

Wide Bay: 3

Mackay: 2

Townsville: 2

Woomeras: 3


First Name Last Name Height Region
Kiana Riley 161 Brisbane North Brumbies
Georgia Byrne 157 Brisbane North Brumbies
Nicola Clark 178 Brisbane North Brumbies
Samantha Klose 162 Brisbane North Brumbies
Jacobah Noble 173 Brisbane North Brumbies
Sophie Conway 168 Brisbane North Brumbies
Sophie Anderson 177 Brisbane North Brumbies
Maddison Byrne 155 Brisbane North Brumbies
Indiah Collings 164 Brisbane South Vixens
Eliza Angus 172 Brisbane South Vixens
Gabby Collingwood 163 Brisbane South Vixens
Teanna Fujii 163 Brisbane South Vixens
Sharni Aquili 159 Brisbane South Vixens
Abby Molloy 162 Brisbane South Vixens
Alanna Perry 162 Brisbane South Vixens
Molly Cooper 176 Darling Downs Demons
Annika Darlington 162 Darling Downs Demons
Alice Mason 167 Darling Downs Demons
Jayde Struhs 177 Darling Downs Demons
Brigid Gaur 150 Darling Downs Demons
Shaleise Law 159 Darling Downs Demons
Rebekah Rogers 171 Darling Downs Demons
Jessica Bell 163 Darling Downs Demons
Tammie Stower 175 Darling Downs Demons
Chloe MacDonald 161 Darling Downs Demons
Jessi Henning 180 Darling Downs Demons
Alicia Murray 180 Gold Coast Sunsets
Jess Watts 167 Gold Coast Sunsets
Shae Adams 177 Gold Coast Sunsets
Alicia Green 161.5 Gold Coast Sunsets
Courtney Bromage 162 Gold Coast Sunsets
Ruby Blair 158.5 Gold Coast Sunsets
Kalinda Howarth 166.5 Gold Coast Sunsets
Charlie Duke 174 Gold Coast Sunsets
Arianna Clarke 169.5 Gold Coast Sunsets
Maddy Coe 157 Gold Coast Sunsets
Tahlia Randall 176 Sunshine Coast Storm
Bella Freeman 173 Sunshine Coast Storm
Jemma Abbott 167 Sunshine Coast Storm
Milli Reed 171 Sunshine Coast Storm
Raegan Mills 159 Sunshine Coast Storm
Taylah Day 179 Sunshine Coast Storm
Brianna Howell 170 Sunshine Coast Storm
Tiffany Dale 160 Sunshine Coast Storm
Courtney Murphy 180 Sunshine Coast Storm
Belle Dawes 160 Sunshine Coast Storm
Taya Bowman 172 Sunshine Coast Storm
Dee Heslop 159 Inv Lions/GC Sunsets U14
Tori Groves- Little 167 Gold Coast Sunsets
Charlotte Hammans 166 Gold Coast Sunsets
Zimmorlei Farquharson 167 Darling Downs Demons
Tahlia Hickie 177 Brisbane South Vixens
Natalie Grider 167 Brisbane South Vixens
Tarni White 164 Brisbane South Vixens
Caitlyn Rawding 157 Brisbane South Vixens
Anna Van de Wiel 166 Brisbane North Brumbies
Jacqui Yorston 165 Brisbane North Brumbies
Tahlia Mead 161 Inv Lions/BN Brumbies U14
First Name Last Name Height Region
Jazmyn Pringle 168 Capricornia Cobras
Tashina Ketchup 169 Capricornia Cobras
Taivia Dunne 179 Capricornia Cobras
Lahtiffa Benjamin 174 North Queensland Stars
Moesha Morris 173 North Queensland Stars
Macey Ware 165 North Queensland Stars
Elisha King 172 North Queensland Stars
Tanee Fauid 170 North Queensland Stars
Samantha O’Neill 170 Townsville Eagles
Sophie Jones 162 Wide Bay Wildcats
Brittany Ballin 165 Wide Bay Wildcats
Taylor Samuels 165 Wide Bay Wildcats
Fabian Tabuai 162 Woomeras
Hadassah Nicholson 160 Woomeras
Madison Goodwin 171 Townsville Eagles
Lauren Bella 185 Mackay Vipers
Brooke Laffan 171 Mackay Vipers
Claire Farrington 167 Northern Rivers Breakers
Georgia Breward 164 Northern Rivers Breakers
Zoe Wood 164 Northern Rivers Breakers
Lillian Doyle 167 Northern Rivers Breakers
Allanah Phineasa 156 Woomeras



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