Brilliant NT Thunder midfielder Cameron Ilett was the big mover in the Syd Guildford Trophy count in Round 7.

Wednesday 26 May 2010

Brilliant NT Thunder midfielder Cameron Ilett was the big mover in the Syd Guildford Trophy count in Round 7.

The finely-skilled Ilett stormed into third place on the back of four votes for his whole-hearted effort in the loss to Mt Gravatt in Alice Springs last Saturday.

Ilett now has 12 votes and trails leader Mat Clarke by two.

Ilett’s brother and Thunder skipper Jarred was the highest placed NT player in the Guildford Trophy in the club’s inaugural season in the QAFL last year.

Jarred Ilett was second going into the last month of the season but did not poll another vote as he was hamstrung by injury. He has polled six votes in 2010.

Broadbeach co-captain Dayne Zorko received one-vote for his lively effort against the Western Magpies, keeping him in second place on what is becoming a crowded leaderboard.

Zorko and Clarke have polled votes in the most games – four – alongside Lions ruckman Broc McCauley, who sits just outside the top eight.

McCauley is yet to attract a best-on-ground five-vote, gaining two votes for his big-hearted display in a losing side to his old club Southport last weekend.

Round 7 voting:

Western Magpies v Broadbeach

5 Votes           Darin Stewart            Broadbeach

4 Votes           Nathan Quick             Broadbeach

3 Votes           Josh Searl                 Broadbeach

2 Votes           Korey Fulton             Broadbeach

1 Vote             Dayne Zorko             Broadbeach

Labrador v Morningside

5 Votes           Damien Bonney          Morningside

4 Votes           Ryan Holman             Morningside

3 Votes           Emmaus Wartova      Labrador

2 Votes           Curtis Allen               Labrador

1 Vote             Tom Bell                    Morningside

Southport v Lions Reserves

5 Votes           Darren Pfeiffer         Southport

4 Votes           David James             Southport

3 Votes           Ben Caputi                Southport

2 Votes           Broc McCauley           Lions

1 Vote             Kurt Niklaus              Southport

Redland v Aspley

5 Votes           Blake Passfield        Redland

4 Votes           Paul O’Shea             Redland

3 Votes           Justin Myers             Redland

2 Votes           Reece Toye               Aspley

1 Vote             Jesse Dixon              Redland

NT Thunder v Mt Gravatt

5 Votes           Amua Pirika              Mt Gravatt

4 Votes           Cameron Ilett           Thunder

3 Votes           Jake Dignan             Thunder

2 Votes           John James              Mt Gravatt

1 Vote            Michael Hamill            Mt Gravatt

Round 7 Leaders:

14: Mat Clarke (Labrador)

13: Dayne Zorko (Broadbeach)

12: Cameron Ilett (NT Thunder)

11: Danny Wise (Southport)

10: Josh Vearing (Mt Gravatt)

10: Matt Shir (Aspley)

10: Shane Paterson (Labrador)

10: Cameron MacLaren (Southport)

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