Queensland Auskicker of the Year nominee

Queensland’s Yuvraj Singh from Jamboree Heights State School has earned the Round 6 nomination for the 2013 NAB AFL Auskicker of the year

About Yuvraj

Age: 5
Favourite Team: Brisbane Lions
Favourite Player: Jonathan Brown
Why should Yuvraj be the 2013 NAB AFL Auskicker of the Year?
Yuvraj loves footy and is very eager every Friday afternoon to go and play Auskick.  He likes to make new friends and considers everyone there to be his friend. Yuvraj is one of the youngest and smallest kids at Auskick, but the little man doesn’t let that get in the way of him running around and having a kick with the bigger kids.  If Yuvraj was to become the NAB Auskicker of the Year, then I’m sure it will make him extremely happy and proud.

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