QAFL Grand Final Umpire



1094 Fred Ramsay     
1905 Arthur Collinson    
1906 Percy Patrick    
1907 Arthur Collinson    
1908 Percy Patrick    
1909 Arthur Collinson    
1912 J. Saunders    
1913 A.Dwyer    
1920 E.Ford    
1921 Denton Rees    
1922 Denton Rees    
1923 A. Hollingsworth     
1924 H.Hutton     
1925 H ‘Snowy’ Higgins     
1926 Jack Minns    
1927 F. Pierce    
1928 L. Lloyd    
1929 Tom Drummond    
1930 H.Johnson    
1931 G.Macauley     
1932 L. Eastman     
1933 F.Woods     
1934 J. Sullivan    
1936 A. Lean    
1937 Sid Barnes     
1938 J. Burns    
1939 Harry O’Callaghan     
1940 Harry O’Callaghan     
1941 Harry O’Callaghan     
1943 Harry O’Callaghan     
1947  Harry O’Callaghan     
1948 Harry O’Callaghan     
1949 Cec D Hayr    
1950 Dick Churchward    
1951 Horrie Hyde    
1952 Dick Churchward    
1953 Dick Churchward    
1954 Horrie Hyde    





1955 Horrie Hyde    John Torrance/Harold Humpheries
 1956 T.Connelly  P. McLean/R.Frost Harold Humpheries
 1959 Stan Hampson John Mullan/D.Cowell  R. Owen/ John Torrance
 1960 Tom McArthur  G.Currie R. Owen/ John Torrance        
 1961 Stan Hampson G.Currie/ Wayne Stewart  R. Owen
 1962 Gerry Coyne    
 1963 Tom McArthur Wayne Box/Peter May   
 1964 Tom McArthur    
 1965 Tom McArthur Graham Carberry/Wayne Box Gerry Armitage/Harry Mitchell 
 1966 Tom McArthur Graham Carberry/Brian Butterfield  Gerry Armitage/Harry Mitchell 
 1967 Jack Cavanagh  Wayne Box/Brian Butterfield  Gerry Armitage/Lionel McLachlan 
1968 Tom McArthur  Alan Alcock/Brian Butterfield  Gerry Armitage/Wave Bowers   
1969 John Seul  Brian Butterfield/ Barry Martens  Wave Bowers/Ivon Northage 
1970 Kev Symmons  Brian Butterfield/Alan Alcock  Wave Bowers/Harry Morton 
1971 Bob Belsey Ian Francis/Arthur Hobson Wave Bowers/David Cook
1972 Tom McArthur  Alan Alcock/Ian Francis Wave Bowers/David Cook
1973 Kev Symmons Wayne Box/Ian Francis Brian Butterfield/Vic Lopatich 
1974 Bob Kassulke Bob Tindal/Ian Francis Athol Young/Vic Lopatich 
1975 Brain Fallis Ian Francis/Len Davis Peter Cartledge/John Thomson
1976 Brain Fallis Alan Alcock/Owen Pule Athol Young/Lionel Wilson
1977 Kev Symmons Alan Alcock/Bill Francis Athol Young/Peter Cartledge 
1978 Ron Henderson/Des McCormick    
1979 Ron Henderson/Kev Symmons    
1980 Bob Kassulke/Kev Symmons    
1981 Wayne Box/ Kev Symmons    
1982 Paul Braiden/Mike Kristic    
1983 Graeme Fuller/Mike Kristic    
1984 Don Edwards/Alan McGillvray     
1985 Graham McIntyre/Kev Symmons     
1986 Shane Fogarty/Wayne Waltisbuhl    

# In some of the early years the Grand Final umpire was not mentioned in reports. In these cases, the official who had umpired the most games and/or the most prestigious game throughout the season has been listed.

* NEAFL Grand Final – officiated with NSW/ACT umpires 

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