Queensland Australian Football Forensics (QAFF)

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The Queensland Footy Forensics is a group for anyone interested in the history of Australian Rules football – both in Queensland and nationally – whether it happened last season or a hundred season ago.

Launched in March 2012, the group grew out of the former Queensland Australian Football Historical Society, which was formed in 2008.

The Queensland Australian Football Forensics

The Forensics’ story began several years ago after a chance meeting between Greg Parker and Murray Bird, two football researchers who were examining aspects of the game’s early history in Queensland.

Word of mouth led them to other like-minded researchers and the Queensland Australian Football Historical Society was formed in 2008.

In 2011 the society decided to broaden its aims and seek further recruits under a new name, the Queensland Australian Football Forensics, and in March 2012 the new group was launched.

The Forensics is for anyone interested in the history of our game, whether it happened last season or a hundred seasons ago.

We don’t mind how long you’ve followed the game, or who you barrack for, the Forensics’ objectives are to:

  • Share ideas, information and resources to help fellow footy researchers;
  • Identify, record and preserve historical documents and artefacts;
  • Advise the leagues and clubs about the best way to preserve records for posterity;
  • Promote the continued development of the game in Queensland;
  • Promote an appreciation of the game’s history; and
  • Provide forums for the gathering of like-minded fans.

Learn more about QAFF @ www.qldfooty.com


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