New structure for SEQ comps

AFL Queensland has announced a new South East Queensland male senior competition structure for 2017 and beyond.

The new model sees a stand-alone QAFL competition and the introduction of a five division Queensland Football Association (QFA).

AFL Queensland State Football Operations Manager, Barry Gibson, said club feedback was pivotal in devising the new structure.

“Following our recent meetings with all the club presidents, it was clear there was an appetite for change in respect to moving away from a regional model and exploring the divisional model with promotion and relegation,” Gibson said.

“There was a strong desire form clubs to find a structure that achieved competitive balance.

“We wanted to ensure that we created a model that was aspirational for not only clubs, but also for players, coaches, and umpires.”

The QAFL structure remains the same, with between eight and 10 teams competing each season.

The QFA and QAFA (A) and (B) competitions will be replaced with a five division QFA.

Division 1 to 3 replaces the current QFA North, QFA South, and QAFA (A) and (B) Sunshine Coast competitions.

Matches will be played on a Saturday, all clubs will field a senior and reserves team, and there will be a relegation and promotion system between all three divisions.

This means we could see current QFA South and North powerhouses like Coorparoo and Noosa play each other in the 2017 home and away season.

Divisions 4 and 5 replace the QAFA (B) Central competition.

Matches will be played on Friday nights, there will be no reserve grade, and there will be a relegation and promotion system between the two divisions.

The process for teams nominating the competition they wish to participate in was completed this week.

AFL Queensland will now work through the nominations before finalising the final make-up of each competition.

“There has been overwhelming support for the new structure and the process of having clubs nominate the competition they wished to participate has been a great exercise in respect to clubs having to carefully assess where they currently sit and where they would ultimately like to be,” Gibson said.

“Over the next few weeks we will work with clubs to ensure we have the right club to competition alignments, and once that process is complete we will announce the makeup of each competition.”

The Colts structure will be announced following the completion of the junior/youth football review, which is currently taking place.

A similar review of the female competition structure has commenced, with a proposed new structure circulated to clubs for feedback.

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