The AFL Queensland Umpire4Fun program involves all umpire training, education, support and ongoing development for our Queensland club based umpires officiating U8’s – U10’s. Club Umpires must be 12 or above in the year they register in order to be a part of the program.


Tailored to meet the umpires’ needs, Umpire4Fun provides:

  • Initial and ongoing training through the year
  • Content relative to experience – sessions broken into first year and second year
  • Training sessions located close to your club to minimise travel requirements
  • Session content aligned specifically to the fundamentals of umpiring, and the junior modified rules.

Umpires receive free of charge:

  • An umpiring uniform (paid for by club, subsidised by AFL Queensland)
  • An Umpiring Manual – outlining everything umpires need to know
  • Match payments per game (rate set by the individual club)

Initial education block starts early March located at venues across South East Queensland. Follow up education will be shared amongst clubs in practical umpiring & mentoring during club training sessions. Details of these dates & times will be posted regularly throughout the season.

Umpires may also attend any of the AFL Queensland League Appointed Umpires training sessions throughout the year to help develop their umpiring.

For more information on training times please click on the umpiring tab on the AFLQ website & search training locations.


For further enquiries please contact your local club.


Junior Umpiring Coordinators

AFL Queensland is committed to the ongoing education of our Junior Football Umpires. A key strategy in meeting this goal is through the appointment of of Junior Club Umpire Co-ordinators at Junior Australian Football Clubs.

Junior Club Umpire Coordinators are key influencers in developing and maintaining a positive club culture. They can also have a significant impact on the lives of individuals within the club especially the young umpires.

A club Junior Umpiring coordinator could support and oversee the growth and development of individual umpires and enhance the overall effectiveness of the Junior Umpire at your club.

Each club that appoints a Junior Club Umpiring coordinator will clearly define the role that they expect of the individual that they appoint.


The development of the specific role and responsibilities of the Junior Club Umpiring coordinator will depend on the specific needs of individual at the club; however, the following roles and responsibilities are likely to be core:

  1. Appoint Junior Club umpires to your clubs home Junior games.
  2. Develop a positive coaching and development culture amongst Junior club umpires
  3. Assist and support the on-going growth and development of Junior club umpires.
  4. To provide necessary and up to date information on umpiring
  5. Communicate with coaches so that umpires will receive the best practice approach to training, skill development and match day environment
  6. Assist clubs to develop processes whereby they can recruit and retain Junior Club Umpires.
  7. Assist coaches to develop processes whereby clubs can recruit, develop and retain club umpires.
  8. Ensure all umpires are recognized for their efforts and their commitment to quality umpiring during Junior games.

The following roles and responsibilities are also considered important and part of the guidelines for the role of a


  1. Act as a mentor to club umpires as required.
  2. Recruit Junior Club Umpires.
  3. Conduct coaching assessments and evaluations of Umpires
  4. Attend district or zone club Umpiring coordinator meetings

Broadly, the club Umpiring coordinator is essentially responsible for all aspects of the development and management of the club’s or school’s Junior Umpiring program and personnel and also for the promotion of the value of quality umpiring within the club or school program.


  1. Well-developed communication skills especially as an effective listener.
  2. Good questioning skills
  3. Empathy
  4. Well organized
  5. Passion for assisting umpires improve
  6. Enthusiastic positive encourager

The AFL highly recommends this initiative to all clubs and schools who value the continued improvement in the quality of Junior umpiring and the subsequent enhancement of the quality of the sporting experience for all participants.

For more information and resources please contact your AFL Queensland Community Umpiring Development Coordinator, Garry Dunne.


M: 0498 666 249

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