Indigenous Talent Pathway

AFL Queensland Indigenous Programs have an ongoing commitment to Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities using Australian Football as the vehicle to promote healthy lifestyles/ wellbeing, education, employment, leadership including talent pathways, skill, and game development. 
The objective of the programs is to develop Indigenous participant’s football and leadership skills whilst also exploring their cultural identity. This is achieved through education on the AFL Indigenous Programs Leadership pillars – resilience, decision making, communication and identity/ culture and most importantly respect and responsibility. 
Our programs and initiatives are aimed to support, guide, and develop Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders participants both male and female through their football journey’s both on and off the field. From grass roots NAB Auskick transitioning through juniors into senior competitions in community football and for some the elite AFL level. 

Diversity Camp u15’s 
The AFL Queensland Diversity camp is held in late October for male and female participants nominated through our selection criteria (Suns & Lions Academies; AFLQ School Competitions; Club football and trials). The camp focuses on leadership, talent and personal development opportunities for all players and coaches. 
The camp also provides talent outcomes with the pathway for our National Diversity Programs (The Flying Boomerangs, The World Team, Woomeras and Medleys) 

2023 Criteria 
Indigenous –  
▪ From Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander Background. 
Multicultural –  
▪ Overseas born players from English speaking background e.g. UK, NZ, USA etc. (ANY PLAYERS FROM ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRIES MUST BE BORN OVERSEAS). 
▪ Multicultural (i.e. born overseas or one parent born overseas) players from NESB (non-English speaking background) communities. Within the above criteria we will specifically aim for our target communities, i.e., African, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Indian and Pacific Islanders. 

▪ Male/Female born in 2008/09 


Diversity Coordinator 

Peter Yagmoor


M: 0428 645 488


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