Dick Parton

Dick_PartonA high-flying centre half forward with a prodigious drop kick who had a magnificent career with Windsor through their golden era after being a junior rugby league star. Honoured in 2003 when named in the key forward position for the Queensland Team of the Century, he was a member of a staggering eight premiership sides in 1937-38-39-40-47-49-50-51 despite the severe interruptions of World War II.

Once kicked nine goals in an interstate match against NSW to highlight a brilliant representative career that spanned 1937-52. Was State captain in 1946-47, won the Grogan Medal in 1949 and the NFL Merit Award in 1957. It was often said: ‘Stop Parton and you stop Windsor’. Coached Windsor Zillmere in their early years in the QAFL.

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