Former Lion keen to make impact at Noosa

By Beth Newman

Brent Moloney knows what it’s like to mentor young footballers in the AFL system and he’s hoping to bring that to community footy in 2015, signing with Noosa in the QFA North competition.

Moloney played more than 100 games for Melbourne between 2005 and 2012, before joining the Lions in 2013 and said he relished the mentoring role he held at those clubs.

Having signed with the Tigers, Moloney is hoping to give back to the club at senior and junior level, taking an active role in developing the next generation of Noosa players.

“I love working with kids and I’ve gone through three development phases in the AFL, with Melbourne twice and then Brisbane when I got up there two years ago,” he said.

“I‘m really looking forward to investing back into the club and working with the juniors and starting something that’s going to last forever,” he said.

Moloney said he would be hoping to impart more than just on-field knowledge to the next generation of Tigers.

“The teenage years are a danger period – kids lose interest in sport, so it’s important to have someone there mentoring them to keep them on the track.”

I think sport’s really important – football being a team sport think it’s great to be involved and to encourage all kids to play as many sports as they can,” he said.

“I had good people around me growing up – not everyone has that,” he said.

“It’s good to have another opinion or someone’s advice who’s been through it so that’s what I want to do, give back some of my knowledge that I’ve gained over my 12 years of AFL.”

The 30 year-old was strongly considering a move back to Victoria before a change of heart saw him heading to the Sunshine Coast.

Moloney has a few connections to the club as well, with old schoolmate Caleb Isles at the Tigers, as well as the Duke brothers.

Noosa will have no shortage of strong leadership in 2015, with Aspley premiership captain, Robert Copeland, joining the Tigers as well.

Noosa led the QFA North grand final at the final change before a 33-poitn loss to Mayne this season and coach, James Gellie, said he hoped the star pair would help take the club up a level in 2015.

“We want to continue to establish a strong culture at the footy club,” he said.

“We know these are only two blokes and we have a bit of improving to do but we hope that these guys can bring that experience and help us take the next step.”

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