U16 State Academy Program

“Developing Better People, Better Players”

Background and Purpose

AFL Academies comprise the NAB AFL Academy (both level 1 & 2), AFL State Academies (U16) and AFL Club Academies conducted by the 4 AFL Clubs in NSW & QLD.

The development of the players is a joint responsibility of the NAB AFL Academy, State Academies and Clubs.

AFL Academies Aims:

AFL Academy – Football Mission:

“Develop every player to fulfil their football potential”

AFL Academy – Objectives of Program:

The overall objectives of the program is to develop players to a standard where they can become potential AFL players through building:

  1. Their understanding of the requirements needed to play in AFL
  2. Their football skills and game understanding
  3. Their knowledge of athletic preparation for high performance
  4. Their leadership ability and what being a leader requires
  5. Their organisational and time management skill

AFL Academy – Key Coaching Objectives:

The AFL Academy program is an elite program that focuses on individual players and their capability to become elite Australian Footballers. Coaching of the AFL Academy player is focused on the following:

  1. Identifying the individual player’s strengths and their areas for improvement
  2. Establishing a program to develop the player’s strengths and their areas for improvement in consultation with coaching and key staff
  3. Connecting the individual talent into the team environment
  4. Developing the player’s physical, psychological, tactical, technical and match day skills
  5. Helping players to become more responsible and dependent for their own development
  6. Exposing players to learning in a practical way through training sessions which are focused on building their game sense and individual skills
  7. Developing their competiveness

AFL Academy – Core Playing Behaviours

Underpinning the key football objectives are the following core playing behaviours which are non-negotiable and are expected to be adhered to on every occasion (100% effort x 100 % time) during preparation, training and competition and underpin the approach to playing AFL.

  1. Physically Prepared
  1. Competitiveness
  1. High Skill Level
  1. Playing Systems
  1. Team First Attitude