All States and Territories support the AFL’s mandatory accreditation policy, where ALL coaches must have completed an approved AFL coaching accreditation course if they are appointed or undertaking a coaching position.

To undertake a coach accreditation course, participants must register and pay on-line. Registrations will not be processed without payment. There is no manual registration option.

Must be a minimum 16 years of age.

Must attend a one day Coach Education session.

AFL Junior On-Line Coaching Course
AFL Youth & Senior On-line Coaching Course

Must obtain a Blue Card. A coaching course may be undertaken prior to obtaining the Blue Card, however, final accreditation won’t be approved until the Blue Card registration has been obtained and submitted against your coaching registration. Please click on following link regarding Blue Card Registration.

Coaches must hold an up to date accreditation in the age group they are coaching in.

         > Level 1 Junior Course – Under 8 to Under 11
> Level 1 Youth Course – Under 12 to Under 17

> Level 1 Senior Course – Under 18 to Open Age
> Level 2 Youth/Senior – Application Process
> Level 3 AFL High Performance – Application Process

Level 1 courses are easily accessible, as they are delivered across the State through a variety of delivery methods and are generally held at the beginning of each football season.

The courses are delivered by AFL Queensland staff and AFL Queensland High Performance staff, with the assistance of AFL QLD Level 2 coaches and experienced grass roots coaches.

There are three separate course types conducted to suit varying age groups – Junior ,Youth  and Senior.

All courses are competency based, whereby the coach must prove they are capable of conducting and communicating the basics of the game to players of different ages.

Level 2 is the highest level of AFL coach accreditation available within Queensland.

Coaches must be coaching a team at under 16 or higher and possess Level 1 accreditation to be assessed.

Courses occur once a year over a full weekend. (Typically November)

Assessment requires coaches to undertake a variety of tasks over the subsequent season, including;

> Active participation in the course and in-course assessment activities.
> Team Objectives: formulate an action plan for the season for your team
> Coaching Philosophy: prepare a document which outlines your coaching philosophy
> Coach/Players Handbook: produce a handbook for your players and staff
> Diary of the Football Season: you are required to keep a diary of the season
> Practical Assessment: being assessed by an appropriately accredited coach
> Coach Mentor Program: you will need to identify a mentor for the upcoming season
> Level 2 Day in Review: attendance is compulsory for the Level 2 review day

This is the highest level of accreditation offered by the AFL for community coaches. The course covers, in greater depth, those areas dealt with in the level 2 course plus relevant current coaching matters and trends, including technology, public relations and coaches as program managers and mentors.

For more information contact Jack Barry, State Coaching & Education Manager.


This accreditation is for coaches involved in AFL clubs, NEAFL or State leagues, QAFL or other programs in the AFL Talent Pathway.

Selection is via nomination to the AFL from the State Coaching and Education Manager.

Assessment Requirements

The expectation to be recognised as a Level 1 coach necessitates:

  • Satisfactorily participating in and completing the course and all assessment requirements.
  • Being viewed by the appropriate assessor and provided with constructive feedback.
  • Agreeing to abide by the AFL Code of Conduct for Youth Coaches (Ethical Behaviour)
  • Consent to a Police Check when requested by a representative of AFL Queensland and cleared to proceed as a result of the check

1. Accreditation is valid for four years from the year in which accreditation is gained.
2. If you gain a higher level of accreditation during that four-year period, the expiry relates only to the higher accreditation.
3. Application to re-accredit at Level 1 should be made on-line. Re-accreditation is not automatic. To maintain your Level 1 accreditation you must demonstrate that you:

> Continued to coach throughout the four years and can provide sufficient proof
> Must have a valid Blue Card
> Are prepared to sign the AFL Coaches Code of conduct (or State specific version) when seeking re-accreditation.
> Are prepared to submit to any coach screening procedures required at the time of re-accreditation.
> Have continued to undertake further education, formal or informal, to enhance your coaching abilities. This might include attendance at seminars; training sessions of other coaches (particularly mentor coaches); attendance at courses or sessions within courses; training, in CPR, First Aid, communication skills, and so on.

  • Level 1: Attend a half day Coaching Course
  • Level 2: Full Day Course

To re-accredit please click on the attached link below. Online Re-accreditation


AFL Queensland conducts Level 1 courses for primary and secondary teachers in conjunction with the Get Active Queensland Accreditation Program.

AFL Level 1 Junior/youth coaching course provide teachers, physical education specialists and school football coaches with the latest skills and knowledge to confidently plan and deliver Australian football in physical education classes, training sessions and when coaching the school football team.

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